Palouse Grain Growers, Inc. has been part of the Northwest landscape for over 80 years. Bruce Baldwin, Manager, also serves on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association.

The Company is located in beautiful Palouse, Washington, and combines the best of efficient cooperative business principles with the very best of rural small town life. The Palouse location is on the Washington & Idaho Railway, a short line feeding the BNSF system. As co-owners of Central Ferry Terminal Association, Palouse Grain Growers also has direct access to barge shipping on the Snake River.

Palouse Bruce and Assistant Manager Rick Wekenman are both happy to talk about your storage and marketing needs, so the next time you're in Palouse, stop by the office and say "Hi!"


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Barley Basis #2 Delivered Portland

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  August 26, 2016   3:00 p.m.  
Delivery Period Soft White Wheat (10.5%) Barley (SPQ) DNS Wheat (14%) HRW Wheat (11.5%)
August $4.75 $132 $6.03 $5.07
September $4.75 $132 $6.03 $5.07
October $4.78 $132 $6.06 $5.09
November $4.82 $133 $6.09 $5.12
December $4.86 $134 $6.12 $5.15
January 2017 $4.90 $135 $6.15 $5.18